siblings together playing with toysToddler Care

The Grand View Hospital Children’s Center offers three toddler rooms each with a distinct curriculum. Developmental progress is considered when assigning placement.

In the Young Toddler Room (approximately 16 months – 2 years), children develop their social and cognition skills by playing with shape sorters, books, Legos and blocks. By participating in daily circle time, children learn about weather, seasons, colors and animals. Our curriculum includes music, story time and art projects that reinforce our weekly learning theme.

In the Older Toddler Room (2 – 3 years), children enjoy stimulating, sensory-focused activities. Each day, children participate in circle time and a variety of small group activities such as art, cooking and tactile learning. Our curriculum includes developmentally-appropriate potty-training.

In the Middler Room (3 – 4 years), children’s development socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively is fostered through group and individual activities. Children learn about team work and how to verbally solve problems. Movement is encouraged through dancing, outside play and nature walks. Circle time includes a daily lesson, the calendar and current weather. Our curriculum incorporates iPads to reinforce our weekly learning theme.