Grand View Health Visitation Policy

Updated Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Grand View Health is implementing a restricted visitation policy at our hospital, physician practices, and outpatient centers to protect the health and safety of our patients and the general public during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Everyone entering a Grand View Health location is required to wear a mask. Please bring your own clean or recently laundered fabric mask. We are working to assure we have adequate supplies for our workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.

Hospital and Inpatient Visitation
Visitors are not permitted except under the following special circumstances:

  • Visitation of a patient nearing the end of life
  • Parent visitation of a child in Neonatal ICU (NICU)
  • One parent/guardian at a time for pediatric patients
  • One visitor to accompany patients for hospital discharge
  • One visitor to accompany a patient to the Emergency Department (the support person must then wait in his or her vehicle and will be called when the visit is completed)
  • Patients with an intellectual, developmental or cognitive disability, communication barrier, or behavioral concerns may have an attendant, caregiver or family member with them at all times
  • One designated support partner may visit The Birth & Family Center during the mothers’ stay in the hospital. Support partners must comply with all visitor screening requirements

For the above areas, visitors must be in good health, complete a health screening, and will be badged if permitted to enter. No child under age 18 is permitted to visit the hospital.

Visitors will not be permitted to enter any Grand View Health facility under any circumstances if they are:

  • Sick (as defined by our screening protocol)
  • Have a high risk of prior COVID-19 exposure
  • Have a pending COVID-19 test
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have traveled from outside Pennsylvania without properly quarantining

The Birth and Family Center
Maternity patients are permitted one support partner through the duration of their hospital stay.

Support partners cannot change during the mother’s stay. This minimizes the risk to families, patients, and our labor and delivery team.

Rule out labor – Unless delivery appears imminent, the person who accompanies the patient to the hospital will be asked to wait in his or her car or leave the campus and return for pickup if the patient is discharged. One support person will be permitted to accompany the patient if she is admitted.

Only the support partner is permitted on The Birth and Family Center with the following guidance:

  • Support partners will undergo daily monitoring during the stay in the hospital, including temperature and assessment of symptoms.
  • Support partners will bring their own mask (a clean, dry, freshly laundered cloth mask is acceptable) to be worn at all times in the hospital.
  • Support partners will remain in the patient room for the entirety of the stay, except to visit newborns admitted to NICU; meals will be provided by patient food services at the support partner’s expense.
  • Support partners who do not or cannot adhere to these rules will be asked to leave the premises. Another support partner will not be allowed to replace him/her.

Outpatient Surgery/Procedures Information
Generally a support person is not permitted to accompany a patient for a procedure or same-day surgery unless warranted because of the patient’s physical condition (for example, intellectual, developmental or cognitive disability, communication barrier, or behavioral concerns). The support person must leave a phone number with staff and will be called when the patient is ready for discharge.

Surgery Waiting Room Policy
The support partner for patients undergoing surgery or a procedure cannot remain in the hospital during the procedure. The support person will be called when the patient is ready for discharge.

Physician/Outpatient Office Visits or Tests
For physician office visits or outpatient testing, patients are not allowed a support person unless they have a physical condition requiring assistance or are under 18 years of age. The support person must leave a phone number with staff and will be called when the patient has completed the visit or test.

Outpatient Visitation Policy for Oncology Patients Receiving Treatment
Grand View Health is not permitting support partners in our infusion treatment or radiation therapy departments. Support partners must follow the guidelines for Physician/Outpatient Office visits or tests. If the patient has a physical condition requiring assistance, a support partner may accompany him/her. The support person must leave a phone number with staff and will be called when the patient has completed treatment.

Drivers for patients receiving treatment must either go home or wait in their car. Please make sure the patient has your phone number. You will receive a call when the patient’s treatment is finished.

Updated Visitation Policy for Clergy
Community clergy will only be permitted to visit patients who are nearing end of life. Eucharistic ministers may not visit to offer communion. Pastoral care services are available to support and attend to patients’ diverse spiritual needs.

Hospital Visitor Screening
Visitors of any Grand View Health location will have their temperature taken at the designated entrances. Individuals with a temperature higher than 100° Fahrenheit will be directed to postpone their visit. Individuals who have a temperature lower than 100° Fahrenheit, will be asked a series of questions to ensure there is no risk of spreading COVID-19.