Welcome to Grand View Health!

At Grand View Health, we know that visits from loved ones and friends can play a vital role in patient recovery. While we welcome visitors, we do ask that you follow Grand View’s visiting hours and visitation policies.

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Laptops, cell phones and other wireless electronic devices may be used in patient rooms. Grand View’s free guest wireless network may be accessed by patients and visitors throughout the hospital and outpatient center lobbies. To access the network, allow your device to discover available wi-fi connections, select the “GVH-Guest” network, and accept the internet use policy. Internet access is subject to Grand View’s internet use policy. Grand View does not provide technical device support.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

An automated teller Machine (ATM) is located on the first floor of the West Building.

Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Policy

Grand View Health is a non-smoking, alcohol-free and drug-free facility. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs and tobacco products are prohibited in all Grand View Health buildings and properties. This restriction applies to patients, visitors and staff.