Requesting Medical Records

The Health Information Management Department (HIM) at Grand View Health protects the confidentiality of your medical records while allowing your healthcare providers to deliver consistent quality care. To obtain a copy of your medical records, refer to the information below.

Grand View Health offers an online records request tool which verifies your identity by asking for a photo of your driver’s license. You will be redirected to a third party site to complete this process. There is no additional charge to use this service.

Request Medical Records Online

Patient Request for Medical Records Form

To get a copy of your medical records, complete the Authorization for Release of Health Information form, also called a Patient Authorization for Release form. You can also request the form at any of our outpatient centers. Once you’ve completed this form, there are four ways you can send it to us:

  • Mail the completed form to:

Grand View Health
Health Information Management Department
Attn: Release of Information
700 Lawn Avenue, Sellersville, PA 18960

  • Fax the completed form to 215-453-4341
  • Email the completed form to us at
  • Call the Health Information Management department at 215-453-4850

Medical records are mailed, not faxed, about 7-10 business days from the date that the signed request is received. If you need your records immediately, would like to request them on a compact disc (CD), or want to pick them up in person, call 215-453-4850. Photo identification is required if you are picking up your medical records in person.

Who is Authorized to Sign an Authorization for Release of Health Information Form?

The following individuals are authorized to sign for the release of your health information:

  • Yourself (not your spouse)
  • A parent if the patient is under 18 years of age
  • A minor (14-17 years old) receiving psychiatric or drug / alcohol services
  • Both parents and minor if the patient is age 12-17 years and receiving drug/alcohol services
  • Legal guardian (must provide proof of guardianship)
  • Power of Attorney if the patient is unable to sign (power of Attorney documentation must be presented)
  • Executor/representative of estate for deceased patient and a copy of a “short form” death certificate presented (must provide proof of Executorship)

Access Grand View Health Patient Portal

For your convenience, you may download your medical records from our Patient Portal. If you select the download option, an email will be sent to you with a link to a secure platform for downloading it.

Your personal health information can be accessed through the Meditech MHealth App. Apps are available in your App store and Google play store. My Patient Portal personal health information can also be accessed through the Health Records App on your iPhone. The App is available on your iPhone device.

The Patient Portal allows you to give access to others to view some or all of your health record. You have control over what information can be viewed, choosing between billing, family history, profile, clinical data, or a combination of all categories. This access can be removed at any time once an invite has been sent.

Is There a Cost to Request Medical Records?

There is no cost to request medical records online via the Request Medical Records Online tool.

If you download your medical records via our Patient Portal,, or if you request them for continued care, there is no charge for your records.

For all other requests, an invoice will be sent to the address listed on the Authorization for Release of Health Information form. Payments can be made by credit card or check.

Fees for medical records are state regulated and HIPAA compliant for patient requests.

Download the fee schedule here.