To request sponsorship from Grand View Health, organizations must be 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organizations providing services within Grand View Health’s service area, which includes Bucks County and Montgomery County. Only programs focusing on health and the delivery of care in support of Grand View’s mission will be considered.

In the context of this policy, sponsorship shall include any contribution including monetary support, in-kind support, administrative or marketing assistance provided by Grand View Health. Grand View Health reserves the right to review all materials in which its name or logo or other identifying information will be used prior to publication or dissemination.

We will consider supporting programs that offer at least one of the following attributes:
• Link health-related community services to Grand View Health services
• Address significant community health issues
• Promote health, wellness and healthy lifestyles
• Improve access to care for underserved or at-risk populations
• Provide an innovative approach to health-related careers, particularly among minority and disadvantaged populations
• Raise funds to support activities as described above
• Raise funds to support the mission of Grand View Health
• Provide significant advertising value for Grand View Health

Grand View Health will not sponsor:
• Individuals
• Religious Organizations
• Political activities or lobbying
• Sports Organizations
• Travel costs
• Multi-year pledges
• Public and Private schools
• Government agencies

Application process

Organizations that meet the stated criteria may request sponsorship support by completing the Sponsorship Request form. Please send your requests a minimum of three months in advance of event date. Requests are approved by a committee and will only be considered when submitted via our website. Please note: We no longer accept sponsorship applications via email, postal mail and telephone. Sponsorship does not imply endorsement of the organization or its services. If your request is approved, a member of our committee will contact you.