During Your Stay

Thank you for choosing Grand View Health, where we provide high-quality medical care, advanced technologies and techniques, and a compassionate healthcare team, close to home.

Gift Shop

Staffed by hospital volunteers, the Gift Shop, located in the main lobby, offers cards, flowers, candy, beverages, jewelry and other gift items. Check with your nurse if you wish to visit the gift shop. Store hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

All gift shop proceeds benefit the Grand View Health Auxiliary.


The hospital staff is here to serve you and takes pride in caring for you and your family. We request that you refrain from offering tips or gifts to individual staff members and volunteers who are not permitted to accept gratuities. Please complete your patient satisfaction survey and describe your interaction with any outstanding staff members. Grand View Health acknowledges all staff members mentioned in patient satisfaction surveys.

Internet & Electronic Devices

Laptops, cell phones and other wireless electronic devices may be used in patient rooms. Grand View’s free guest wireless network can be accessed by patients and visitors throughout the hospital and outpatient center lobbies. To access the network, allow your device to discover available wi-fi connections, select the “GVH-guest” network, and accept the internet use policy.

Interpreters & Assistance For The Hearing Impaired

Contact your nurse if you need the services of a language interpreter or assistance to manage a hearing impairment. Telecommunication devices for the hearing impaired and closed caption TV adapters are also available.


For your convenience, patient rooms are equipped with direct-dial telephones. Incoming calls may be received between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Please inform your friends and family of your phone number after you are admitted. With telephone service, local calls may be made without charge. Toll calls or long-distance calls may be placed as collect calls or credit card calls, or charged to your home phone.

  • To call a hospital department, dial the last four digits of the telephone number.
  • To make a local call, dial 8, listen for the dial tone and then dial the telephone number.
  • To call outside the local area, dial 6, listen for the dial tone and then dial 0. When the operator answers, give your name and explain that you are placing a collect call, a credit card call, or a call that is to be billed to your home phone.
  • If you reach a wrong number, dial 6, listen for the dial tone and then dial 0. Explain the mistake when the operator answers.


Individual TV units are available in each patient room and may be viewed at no additional charge. Among the viewing selection, the hospital provides a patient education channel which features educational programming and several movies each day.


Grand View Health is not responsible for items left at your bedside and encourages you to not keep money or valuable items, such as electronic devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, cell phones) at the hospital. Please send them home with your family or friends. If this is not possible, ask your nurse to have your valuables placed in the hospital safe. Be especially careful of personal care items such as dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aids. These items can be safely stored in your bedside cabinet. A container for your dentures, eyeglasses or hearing aid will be provided upon request. Grand View Health is not responsible for replacing lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged belongings and valuables. Under no circumstance will Grand View be responsible for lost currency.