Nursery School and Pre-K

Give your child a head start with our Nursery School and Pre-K programs!

In our Nursery School Program, there are numerous milestones we strive to help each child reach before moving on to Pre-K.  Our curriculum is built around letter, number and name recognition.  Children learn songs that help them remember the days of the week, months in the year and phonetic concepts.  Children enjoy music and movement by playing and learning with instruments, dancing to music and using balance beams for gross motor coordination.  Fine motor skills are worked on daily by writing, playing with play dough, lacing and building with legos.  Children work on self-help skills such as zipping, buttoning and fully gaining confidence using the toilet.  Art projects and science experiments are done weekly. 

In our Pre-K Program, we help foster a lifelong love of learning and prepare children for Kindergarten.  Children learn to write letters, numbers 1 – 20 and their first and last name.  The curriculum includes Language Arts, Math and Science, Art and Gym, Music and Social Studies.