The Visionary Society

Visionary people have a point of view that finds meaning or fulfillment in the future and the possibilities for tomorrow. The Visionary Society at Grand View Health recognizes those people who believe in the mission of the Grand View Health Foundation and Grand View Health and have made unique provisions to ensure that our work will continue for generations to come.

Each Visionary has planned a bequest, created a gift annuity, established a charitable remainder trust, or in some way planned a gift that will carry on after they are gone. We think that those who have had the foresight and felt the generosity to plan a gift to the Foundation should be thanked now while they can enjoy the recognition. It also provides our donors the opportunity to direct their gifts to those programs that are of the greatest interest to them.

Visionaries are invited to special programs throughout the year, and their names are included on a Visionary Society plaque located in the main lobby of the hospital. Anyone making such a planned gift may also choose to remain anonymous.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a Visionary Member, click here.