Cancer Genetic Risk and Prevention Program

All cancer is genetic but not all cancer is hereditary. The Cancer Genetic Risk and Prevention Program at Grand View Health offers individualized genetic evaluation and counseling services for patients and families who may be at an increased risk for developing many cancers, including breast cancer. Most cancers are not inherited. Taking a complete family history is very important to identify people at higher risk of a cancer diagnosis. Hereditary cancer risk may be linked to more than one type of cancer. Understanding your potential risk can help you and your physician make better, more informed decisions about your health before the onset of cancer or before a second cancer has a chance to develop.

Tina Hutnyk, CRNP will help you asses your risk of carrying a gene mutation which may be linked to more than one cancer. She can determine if you are a candidate for genetic testing based on your family and medical history.

She will use the results to review recommendations for reducing your risk for developing specific cancers. If the testing confirms the presence of a cancer mutation, modified medical management may be recommended such as enhanced screening, medication or preventive surgery.

To schedule a genetic evaluation at the Grand View Health Sellersville Outpatient Center, call 215-453-3400.

Meet the Specialist

Tina Hutnyk, CRNP
Genetic Specialist