Having a baby is one of life’s special moments that can bring the hopes and dreams of your whole family together. At the Birth & Family Center at Grand View Health, our mission is to pamper you with compassion, while providing the most current evidence-based information and care. From the birth of your baby to preparing you for your day of discharge, our top priority is to provide personalized instructions that help new parents and their families be fully prepared to care for themselves and their newborn.

Our nursing staff provides individualized teaching during your hospital stay. In addition, we offer 24-hour-a-day educational programming via The Newborn Channel. We also provide additional education through Krammes On Demand available via handouts and mygvh.org, Grand View Health’s patient portal.

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NEW at Grand View:

If you’ve given birth inside a hospital, you’ve probably struggled with the belts and wires that connected you to a fetal monitoring system. Now, nurses on Grand View Health’s labor and delivery unit ease that struggle by using a new wireless device.

The Monica Novii™ Wireless Patch System uses Bluetooth technology to record the baby’s heartbeat, the mom’s heartbeat, and the frequency and duration of contractions. Novii is applied to a mother’s belly with a stick-on patch, with no wires or belts.

“This gives moms the ability to freely turn in bed, walk around their hospital room, use a peanut ball, and even shower while fetal monitoring continues uninterrupted,” says Michelle Gawronski, BSN, RNC-OB, clinical coordinator, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum at Grand View.