During Your Stay

Get a Feel for Grand View Health

During your stay, our staff will work to meet all of your needs. Your obstetrician and pediatrician will check in with you and your baby daily. And our nursing staff will teach you and your family everything you need to know to prepare you for a safe and confident return home with your new baby. Watch the video below to get a feel for how your visit will go and see everything we offer.

Everything We Offer

  • Grand View Health’s Labor & Delivery program has met the rigorous standards necessary to achieve Keystone 10 accreditation.
  • A customized experience that gives you the option to keep your baby in your room with you or rely on our nursery to ensure postpartum rest for mom.
  • Overnight accommodations for your support person and a comfortable waiting area for family and friends.
  • Dedicated operating rooms available for cesarean births, with the option for a clear viewing drape that allows mom to see the birth during a C-section.
  • Private rooms.
  • Specialty spa showers.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Peanut balls, a tool used to improve birth outcomes by better positioning women during the labor process.
  • Treatment of newborn hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) with glucose gel for uninterrupted breastfeeding.
  • A state-of-the-art security system to ensure your newborn’s security during their hospital stay.
  • Rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi and cable, including access to our educational channel.

CHOP affiliation

As part of the CHOP Care Network, pediatricians and neonatologists from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia care for patients on our Pediatric Unit, in our Well Nursery, in Labor & Delivery and in our Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. These physicians are on-site at Grand View Hospital 24/7 for those in the nursery, those who need additional care and those who have experienced a complicated birth, or for an emergency consultation.

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Wireless Fetal Monitoring

Fetal monitoring often restricts laboring moms from moving around. We offer moms a new Bluetooth-enabled monitoring system that completely eliminates the wires and belts that can limit comfort and prevent mobility. Now you can turn in bed, walk around the room, use a peanut ball and even shower—all while we continually monitor your heartbeat, your baby’s heartbeat, and the frequency and duration of your contractions.

Couplet Care

At The Birth & Family Center, we practice couplet care, a model of caring that emphasizes mother and baby being cared for together, as a pair or “couplet,” during their entire hospital stay by the same nurse. Rooming in is highly encouraged for all healthy newborns. When mother and baby room together, your baby will know you are nearby. Baby will smell your scent and hear your voice. Couplet care also helps parents quickly learn their baby’s sleep patterns, breathing, hunger cues and feeding schedule. And it allows you to participate in all of your baby’s care, from the newborn bath to diapering to learning different comfort measures that calm your baby.

Rooming in also facilitates skin-to-skin contact, which helps newborns regulate their body temperature and glucose levels. Studies have shown that, when babies room in with their mother, they bond sooner, cry less, soothe more quickly, spend more time quietly sleeping, have greater breastfeeding success, maintain a more stable body temperature and stay healthier.

Couplet care also means that all of your baby’s routine assessments and screenings will occur right in your room, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.

Skin-To-Skin Care

Soon after birth, babies use their senses to get to know you and begin to recognize your scent. Infants feel safest when they can sense, hear and smell their mothers, and being near you makes it easier for them at adapt to life outside the womb. So, whether you’re relying on our expert nurses to care for your infant in our nursery or practicing couplet care, we encourage skin-to-skin contact. Studies show this helps calm and relax mom and baby, regulates the baby’s heart rate, breathing and body temperature, and stimulates digestion and interest in feeding.

Skin-to-skin care also:

  • Stabilizes temperature, heart rate, breathing and blood sugar levels
  • Promotes increased milk production and longer breastfeeding
  • Allows your newborn to show you hunger cues
  • Decreases newborn stress so your baby cries less
  • Promotes confidence in caring for your baby

Baby Safety and Security

We know that keeping your baby safe and sound is your biggest priority—and it’s one of ours too. The Maternity, Labor & Delivery, Nursery and NICU are all locked units, visually monitored by department staff and Security 24 hours a day. Each baby also wears a small security alarm bracelet that monitors their location at all times.

Additionally, you and your infant both receive identification bands immediately after birth, which you both will wear until you’re discharged from the hospital. Each time you and your baby are separated for any reason, maternity staff will check the bands.

Epidural Anesthesia

There are many different options for pain relief during labor, and we’re committed to providing one that allows you to experience your baby’s birth exactly as you envision it.

“Grand View Feels Like Home”

For Danielle Besch, Grand View Health feels like home. She was born at the hospital and grew up in the area. That’s why she chose to have both of her babies here, even though she now lives an hour away. “We drove past plenty of hospitals on our way to give birth, but I wouldn’t consider having my babies anywhere but Grand View,” she says.

Danielle had her first baby, Spencer, via emergency cesarean section at Grand View in 2016. Even though she says it was a nerve-racking experience, everyone—from the doctors to the nurses—put her at ease and took such great care of her and her son. So when she was expecting her second baby two years later, she knew it was worth the drive to deliver at Grand View. “I knew if something were to go wrong again the second time around, I would be in good hands at Grand View.”

Her son Tyler was born at Grand View in 2018, and Danielle says once again she received excellent care. The jury’s still out on whether Danielle and her husband will have a third baby, but one thing is for sure: “If we do decide to have one more baby, it will definitely be at Grand View.”