The Birth & Family Center

From the moment you start thinking about having a child until the time you bring your new baby home, we're here for you every step of the way.

Grand View Health, Your Baby and You

Having a baby is one of life’s special moments. At the Birth & Family Center at Grand View Health, our goal is to provide the most current evidence-based practices and care, while keeping you comfortable and answering questions before you have them—so you can concentrate on your new baby.

Checking in to the Birth & Family Center

Patients and visitors to the Birth and Family Center should enter using the hospital through the Emergency entrance at the new Pavilion. Once inside, proceed to the elevators and proceed to the secure entrance on the second floor.

The Emergency entrance is clearly marked and located at the rear of the Pavilion, the new six-story building at Grand View. Specially designated parking for mothers-to-be is available close to the entrance.

The Emergency entrance to the hospital is open 24/7 and should be used by expectant mothers when arriving to give birth, rule out labor, have an induction or for stress tests.

To ensure the most comfortable stay during your time at Grand View Health, we offer:

Private Rooms

Prenatal Classes

Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit [NICU]

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CHOP—Your Connection to World-Class Care

For more than 20 years, Grand View Health and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have partnered to maintain the CHOP Care Network at Grand View Health. This partnership provides our families with access to CHOP pediatricians in our Well Nursery and in our Labor & Delivery unit, and CHOP neonatologists in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This advanced level of expertise ensures access to the highest level of care should any complications arise.

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Building My Family While Building Grand View

Hanging off the side of a six-story building is no big deal for Eric Musselman. But he admits, the prospect of having two daughters, under the age of 3, that was initially… intimidating.

Fortunately, his wife Nicole knew her husband would be up to the task.

The Musselmans, who live in Telford, readily admit the birth of their firstborn daughter, Madelyn, wasn’t the best experience. “She was born at another local hospital,” Nicole says. And though she did not want to go into detail, she added, “I knew if we had another child, we were going to look for a new hospital.”

In October 2021, when she shared the news of her second pregnancy with Eric, he had an idea. For a few months, he’d been working to build Grand View Health’s new pavilion. The building’s sleek metal exterior? That’s the work of Eric and his company, Eastern Exterior Wall Systems.

So, when it came to choosing the best hospital for his wife to give birth, Eric suggested, “let’s try Grand View Health.”

The decision meant switching to a new obstetrician and practice, Grand View Health OB/GYN. “I got to meet all of the doctors throughout my pregnancy” says Nicole. “When I delivered, it was good to see a familiar face in the hospital with me. Our daughter was delivered by Jennifer Landes, DO and the experience was great.”

Nicole, Eric and Madelyn welcomed baby Logan into the world on May 9, 2022.

“We are one of the few area practices who both care for moms throughout their pregnancy and have an OB/GYN at the hospital for delivery” says Dr. Landes. Many other hospitals now use “delivery teams” and families don’t know the physician in the delivery room.

“The staff was aware my husband was working on the hospital and took a photo of him holding Logan up to see the new building just outside the window,” Nicole says. “It was a special day in many ways for our growing family. We preferred our experience at Grand View.”

With six offices throughout Upper Bucks and northern Montgomery counties, Grand View Health OB/GYN is the area’s fastest growing practice.

Grand View Health OB/GYN

To supplement the care offered at our Birth & Family Center, the providers at Grand View Health OB/GYN offer compassionate care for expecting moms—from pre-conception and infertility counseling to prenatal care for high-risk pregnancies.

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