New Pain Relief Option for a Comfortable Labor Experience

August 15th, 2022  Topics: Colon

Moms who choose to have their babies at Grand View Health’s Birth & Family Center now have the option of using nitrous oxide to help create a safe, easy and comforting birth experience.

Nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas,” is commonly used in dental offices and has been used during labor and delivery in Europe, Canada and Australia for many years. Studies show that nitrous oxide can provide effective pain relief while being safe for mothers, babies and healthcare providers, with no severe side effects.

Moms who choose to use nitrous oxide during their labor and delivery at Grand View Health will administer it themselves. They will receive a mask that they can firmly hold against their face without straps.

Moms will control the amount of nitrous oxide they receive by the depth and frequency of the breaths they take while wearing the mask. The gas is only released when a mom takes in a deep breath, and the effects of nitrous oxide will be gone within a few breaths once the mask is pulled away.

Women can use nitrous oxide as needed throughout their labor experience. Moms often say that they have the best results when they breathe in nitrous oxide about 30 seconds before each contraction.

Moms can use nitrous oxide at any time during labor or after delivery while undergoing a painful procedure such as a perineal repair, removal of placenta or a D&C.

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