The Birth & Family Center

From the moment you start thinking about having a child until the time you bring your new baby home, we're here for you every step of the way.

Grand View Health, Your Baby and You

Having a baby is one of life’s special moments. At the Birth & Family Center at Grand View Health, our goal is to provide the most current evidence-based practices and care, while keeping you comfortable and answering questions before you have them—so you can concentrate on your new baby.

From pregnancy to birth, to after you go home, you’ll receive this same level of personalized care. We will work with you to build your unique birthing plan for you and your pregnancy experience.

Your Grand View Experience

Many of our clinicians and staff members live right here in your community. We’re your friends and neighbors, and we strive to provide personalized care with dignity, respect and compassion.

We work to provide the care you need and also intimately involve your support person in the birthing process. Whoever that is for you, we’ll guide them and educate them to make sure they can support you and be there to celebrate this incredible life event.

To ensure the most comfortable stay during your time at Grand View Health, we offer:

Private Rooms

Prenatal Classes

Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit [NICU]

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CHOP—Your Connection to World-Class Care

For more than 20 years, Grand View Health and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have partnered to maintain the CHOP Care Network at Grand View Health. This partnership provides our families with access to CHOP pediatricians in our Well Nursery and in our Labor & Delivery unit, and CHOP neonatologists in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This advanced level of expertise ensures access to the highest level of care should any complications arise.

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“Grand View Feels Like Home”

For Danielle Besch, Grand View Health feels like home. She was born at the hospital and grew up in the area. That’s why she chose to have both of her babies here, even though she now lives an hour away. “We drove past plenty of hospitals on our way to give birth, but I wouldn’t consider having my babies anywhere but Grand View,” she says.

Danielle had her first baby, Spencer, via emergency cesarean section at Grand View in 2016. Even though she says it was a nerve-racking experience, everyone—from the doctors to the nurses—put her at ease and took such great care of her and her son. So when she was expecting her second baby two years later, she knew it was worth the drive to deliver at Grand View. “I knew if something were to go wrong again the second time around, I would be in good hands at Grand View.”

Her son Tyler was born at Grand View in 2018, and Danielle says once again she received excellent care. The jury’s still out on whether Danielle and her husband will have a third baby, but one thing is for sure: “If we do decide to have one more baby, it will definitely be at Grand View.”

Grand View Health OB/GYN

To supplement the care offered at our Birth & Family Center, the providers at Grand View Health OB/GYN offer compassionate care for expecting moms—from pre-conception and infertility counseling to prenatal care for high-risk pregnancies.

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