A Proven Approach to Reduce Swelling from Lymphedema

If you notice any of the signs of lymphedema—swelling in the arms, legs, face, neck, trunk, abdomen or genitals—tell your doctor immediately. Treatment is most effective when started early.

At Grand View Health’s Lymphedema Program, you’ll benefit from the expertise of certified lymphedema therapists. We use Manual Lymph Drainage/Complete Decongestive Therapy (MLD/CDT)—a highly successful technique to control and treat lymphedema. Our therapy includes two phases of treatment to help you reduce swelling, identify potential complications and teach you self-management.

In Phase 1, our therapists focus on helping reduce the fluid in the affected area. This may include skin and nail care, manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging and a home exercise program. You’ll also learn how to manage lymphedema on your own or with the help of friends and families. This phase typically lasts for three-to-six weeks, three-to-five times a week, depending on the severity of your condition. At the end of phase 1, you’ll be fitted for a compression garment to maintain the reduction in swelling.

In Phase 2, you’ll wear your compression garment during the day, wear compression bandaging at night, continue your home exercise program, perform self-massage and maintain skin and nail care.

As part of Physical Therapy, the Lymphedema Program sees patients at two convenient locations.


Exterior shot of Harleysville Outpatient Center.

Harleysville Outpatient Center

Meadowbrook Shopping Plaza
270 Main Street (Route 63)
Harleysville, PA 19438

Sellersville Outpatient Center

915 Lawn Ave.
(Rt. 309 & Lawn Ave.)
Sellersville, PA 18960