Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at Grand View Health logo.For more than 20 years, Grand View Health and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have partnered to maintain the CHOP Care Network at Grand View Health. In addition to caring for patients on the pediatric unit, our CHOP pediatricians work with physicians in the Department of Emergency Medicine, as well as with CHOP neonatologists in labor and delivery, and in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

CHOP Pediatric Care at Grand View Health consists of a 13-bed designated inpatient pediatric unit, which provides all children—from birth through the teenage years—the support and care needed for a speedy recovery. CHOP Pediatric Care is a group practice with rotating physicians, so you may see several different physicians during your child’s hospitalization. They act as partners with your pediatrician or family doctor to convey important updates during your child’s stay with us.

CHOP pediatricians are available onsite at Grand View 24 hours a day, seven days a week for newborns who need special care, complicated births, C-sections, emergency consultations and general care of pediatric patients.


For your child’s safety and security, pediatrics is a locked unit. Children age 10 and under wear security bracelets. Parents are also given a wrist band that identifies them as a parent of a pediatric patient.


To ensure your child’s safety and prevent falls, we ask that you:

  • Keep side rails raised to the highest position while your child is in the bed/crib.
  • Stay aware of potential monitor wires and IV tubing.
  • Have your child wear the provided, non-slip footwear when walking around.
  • Keep your child’s room neat and free of clutter.
  • Use the foam cleaner when you come into and out of your child’s room. This will help prevent the spread of germs. The cleaner is also in the kitchen.

Room Accommodations

Your Child’s Room

Your child’s room has a bed appropriate to his or her age and size. There is a call light to contact staff and emergency call cord in the bathroom. Each room is equipped with a TV and telephone, which are free services for our pediatric families. Cell phone use is permitted in patient rooms.

Parent’s Sleeping Accommodations

We provide one cot for a parent to stay the night. We will place your cot in a position that allows the nurses to easily get to your child and the equipment.

Visiting Hours

We encourage parents to stay with their child in the hospital. Visiting hours for non-family members are from 12 to 8 p.m. Siblings may visit in the child’s room for a short time. Please ask your nurse about the best time to visit.

To enter or exit the unit, visitors need to press the button on the wall to alert a staff member to unlock the door. After 8 p.m., parents must enter the hospital through the Emergency department entrance located to the rear of the new Pavilion hospital addition.