All patients qualify for a home visit after the birth of a baby. Grand View’s Home Care team of licensed and certified healthcare professionals will meet your needs in the comfort of your home. Services include:

  • Physical assessments of mother and baby
  • Instructions regarding self and infant care
  • Emotional support
  • Community referrals, if needed
  • Drawing lab studies, when ordered by physician
  • Communications between home care nurse and physician
  • Infant nutrition evaluation
  • Home phototherapy for jaundice as ordered by the physician
  • Lactation consultations


Maternal newborn home care services are available to all maternity patients including those who have delivered at facilities other than Grand View Health. A nurse will coordinate your plan of care after we receive a physician’s order.

Payment for Services

Many health insurance programs, medical assistance and other insurers provide coverage for the home care services. For your convenience, our home care staff can provide direct billing to your insurer.

Grand View Health grants consideration to each individual patient regarding his or her ability to pay for emergency and other medically necessary healthcare. We provide financial assistance to all patients who qualify under our Financial Assistance Policy (FAP).