Emergency Medicine

Within our Department of Emergency Medicine, you can expect to receive comprehensive emergency care from our specially trained and experienced staff. Our goal is to meet your needs in the best and fastest way possible, while providing safe and high-quality emergency healthcare. Please take into consideration that our staff prioritizes care based on the seriousness of a patient’s medical condition.

The Emergency Department is located in the newly constructed Pavilion building of Grand View Hospital. Patients arriving by private vehicle should enter at the rear of the building where there is ample parking in Lot B. To see photos and learn more about The Pavilion, click here.

Evaluating Your Urgent Needs


As soon as you enter the Department of Emergency Medicine, see the receptionist, who will introduce you to a registered nurse, called a triage nurse. The nurse will determine the severity of your injury or illness. We will take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature and record it in the computer. The nurse will send you directly to the treatment area if you need help immediately or registration for less serious needs.

Evaluation & Treatment

In the treatment area, a specialized Emergency Medicine physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant will evaluate and treat you. If needed, you will undergo testing so we can learn more about your illness or injury. In most cases, this takes between two and three hours as you may need to wait for X-rays or lab work.

Admission or Discharge

If you need to be admitted, you will go to a nursing unit. Usually, this unit specializes in the type of treatment you need.

Department of Emergency Medicine

Phone: 215-453-4674