Grand View Health Announces Plans to Expand Hospital, Add Outpatient Centers, Cancer Center and More

Fireworks lit up the skies over Sellersville as Grand View Health celebrated plans for unprecedented expansion and growth throughout the region. The $210,000,000 investment signals both the health system’s commitment to the community and their financial strength.

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More Precise Knee Surgery with MAKO®

Grand View Health leads the region as the only hospital to offer MAKO® robotic-assisted knee surgery. This innovative technology allows for the creation of a personalized surgical plan based on a CT scan of the patient’s knee. After the scan, a 3D virtual model allows the surgeon to determine the best size, placement and alignment of the knee implant.
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MRI of the Future

Mood lighting, calming music and sounds, soothing videos…an MRI experience controlled by the patient. We’re taking MRI scans to a whole new level. It’s all part of our commitment to make your experience as stress free as possible. Themes include Pacific Sunset, Waterfall Vistas, Fall Foliage and many more. Locally, you will only find the new Magnetom Altea at Grand View Health.
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Less-invasive Robotic Surgery, Close to Home

A long car ride is the last thing anyone wants after a surgical procedure. New robotic technology at Grand View Health allows patients to have less-invasive procedures close to home. The daVinci® robot has revolutionized many procedures from hernia repair to bariatric surgery, uro-gynecology and colon surgery. Smaller incisions and less pain are just some of the reasons patients are choosing robotic surgery at Grand View.
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From the Grand View Health Press Room

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