Grand View Renames Industrial Medicine to Workplace Health & Wellness

March 31st, 2016

gvh_workplace_wellness_s1_4cIn a move to relaunch and expand its health and wellness offerings to local employers, Grand View Health has renamed its Industrial Medicine program to Workplace Health & Wellness, effective April 1, 2016. Consistent with its mission of “leading the community to a healthier future,” the name change reflects Grand View’s renewed commitment to offer occupational health solutions that address the needs of the working community. The role of the Workplace Health & Wellness program within this aim is to provide employers and their employees with convenient access to health and wellness services where they spend the majority of their day, at work.

“Workplace Health & Wellness is a Grand View Health strategic initiative that will allow us to pursue working relationships with local employers and provide them with clinical services, advise on health cost reduction initiatives, and facilitate employee access to Grand View Health services,” said Michael Keen, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “Since wellness programs are linked to improved productivity, reduced absenteeism and a decrease in long-term health care costs, we can help employers reduce illness and injury, and keep employees healthy.”

Grand View’s Workplace Health & Wellness program offers a wide range of customizable programs and cost-effective on- and off-site solutions offered to employers includes services such as new-hire physical examinations, drug testing, immunizations, training and workplace injury care management. With an emphasis on education through health fairs, lunch-and-learn lectures and trainings, Grand View’s workplace wellness programs can help employers create a healthier workforce while strengthening their bottom line.

With more than 25 years of experience in occupational medicine, the staff at Grand View’s Workplace Health & Wellness program is committed to meeting the health and wellness needs of employers. The program currently serves more than 500 employers in Bucks and Montgomery counties ranging from small, family-owned businesses to larger companies.

An in-depth description of The Workplace Health and Wellness programs and services is available at For more information call 215-453-4941 or email them.