The Lung Center at Grand View Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to care for patients with lung abnormalities and all aspects of central airway obstruction due to benign and malignant diseases. We strive to provide patients with outstanding care in a unique approach.

The evaluation and management of lung cancer is complex and often involves intensive multi-modality therapies. Led by Dr. Nina Maouelainin – the only fellowship-trained interventional pulmonologist in Bucks and Montgomery counties – we evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with multiple lung conditions using a team approach including members of Interventional Pulmonology, Surgery, Medical, Oncology and Radiation Oncology.

We work with the latest diagnostic technology for early detection and diagnosis of cancer, including:

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

An effective, minimally invasive procedure for diagnosing and staging lung cancer by sampling tissue and lymph nodes for pathologic evaluation.

Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy

Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (superDimensional ENB) allows physicians to navigate to pulmonary nodules even in the most difficult to reach areas of the lung to aid in the diagnosis and early treatment of lung diseases. Both the EBUS and the superDimensional ENB procedures carry significantly less risk than traditional diagnostic methods

Low-Dose CT Screening

A quick, safe and painless way to screen people at high risk for lung cancer: current or former smokes from 55 to 74 years old whose smoking habit was at least one pack per day for 30 years or more. This screening has been proven to detect lung cancer better than traditional X-rays.


In addition to these diagnostic procedures, The Lung Center also offers laser therapy and stent replacement in the airways. Together, our Lung Center team and our technologies offer our patients effective diagnostic and treatment options close to home.

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