Genetic Testing Can Provide Answers

November 13th, 2019

Mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are the most likely cause of inherited breast cancer. While only about 5-10 percent of all breast cancers are thought to be hereditary, knowing your complete family health history can help you determine your risk factors for breast and other types of cancer.

Grand View Health offers hereditary cancer genetic testing. Led by breast surgeon Monique Gary, DO, and genetic specialist Marissa LaHart, CRNP, the program helps people assess their risk of carrying a gene mutation that may be linked to one or more cancers.

Marissa will meet with patients and determine whether they are candidates for genetic testing. She also will review your test results and stratify your risk for breast cancer. She also reviews test results, breast cancer risk stratification, and offers recommendations after testing is complete. If testing confirms a genetic mutation or risk stratification reveals an increased risk of breast cancer, she may recommend enrollment into the High-Risk Program, where medical management with enhanced screening—as well as medication or preventive surgery—can be discussed and offered.

Our High-Risk Program allows for closer surveillance. Patients who enroll in this program meet with Marissa at least twice annually to review imaging, breast exams and overall healthy lifestyle as a means for risk reduction for breast cancer.


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