Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol, like any drug, may interfere with your treatment and is therefore prohibited in the hospital.Gratuities
The hospital staff is here to serve you and takes pride in caring for you and your family. We request that you refrain from offering tips or gifts to individual staff members and volunteers, as they are not permitted to accept gratuities. Please complete your patient satisfaction survey and describe your interaction with any outstanding staff members. Grand View Hospital acknowledges all staff members mentioned in patient satisfaction surveys.

Hair Care
A hair-care service for patients is available several days each week. At your request, your nurse may make an appointment for volunteers to shampoo, set and comb your hair. You may also have your own barber or hairdresser provide your hair care, provided you consult with your nurse, who can advise you of any planned test or treatment.

Interpreters & Assistance for the Hearing-Impaired
Contact your nurse if you need the services of a language interpreter or assistance to manage a hearing impairment. TDD devices and closed caption TV adapters are also available.

Library Cart 
Volunteers with a book cart circulate throughout the hospital Monday through Saturday. These library aides will lend you books and/or magazines. Large-print books are offered when available. You may request reading materials by calling Volunteer Services at 215-453-4619.

Mail, Flowers & Balloons
Hospital volunteers deliver mail, flowers and mylar balloons to patients in their rooms. Outgoing mail may be sent from the hospital by giving it to your nurse. Please note that flowers are not permitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Only balloons made of mylar-a foil material that holds helium-are permitted in the hospital. Balloons made of other materials, such as latex, are prohibited because many patients and staff members are allergic to latex.

Regional and local newspapers are available in the Corner Cupboard Gift Shop.

Notary service
The hospital has a notary public available from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. If you need notary service, please ask your nurse to call our administration or the human resources office.

Therapy Dog Visits
You may have the opportunity to be visited by specially trained therapy dogs while you are a patient at Grand View Hospital. Managed by Grand View’s Volunteer Services Department, all visiting pets are certified as therapy dogs and subject to infection control precautions. Appropriately trained individuals aware of the animal’s health status and behavior traits accompany and control the dogs at all times.

When the handlers of therapy dogs arrive on nursing units with their pets, the nursing staff informs them of patients who might appreciate a visit. Next, the pet handlers knock on patients’ doors and offer a visit. As a patient, you have the option to accept or decline a visit.