Peter Fuller

July 6th, 2018

Peter Fuller and Dr. Paul Weidner

Peter Fuller, a 27-year resident of Bedminster, proudly served his country in the armed forces. But he has also battled another tough enemy for years—Multiple Sclerosis.

As an avid skier and ski instructor, Peter was active for much of his life. Unfortunately, time took its toll and, after his retirement from Boeing in 2012, he found himself living with crippling pain that forced him to use a scooter for mobility.Peter’s wife Donna encouraged him to see Paul L. Weidner, MD, medical director of Grand View’s Joint Replacement Center. Peter initially thought he was suffering from sciatica and then subsequently thought his knee was causing some of his problems.

Dr. Weidner quickly diagnosed the situation. After hearing his hip was beyond rehabilitation, Peter had a total hip replacement. The results were beyond Peter and Donna’s expectations. Going into surgery, Peter hoped to be able to use his scooter with a reduction in the daily pain he suffered. Remarkably, after surgery he had no pain at all. Even more significantly, Peter is walking again with the aid of crutches. He is completing physical therapy at Grand View’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department with the goal of walking using only a cane.

“With the right diagnosis and a determined patient, we can help people recover substantial functionality and reduce pain,” explained Weidner. “It is incredibly gratifying when a patient is able to regain such an important part of their life and enjoy the results of a really good outcome.”

And Peter couldn’t be more pleased. “I feel like my life has been given back to me.”