Perkasie Artist Creates Lasting Memory of Grand View Hospital School of Nursing

May 4th, 2021  Topics: Awards and Recognition

David Alderfer, Director, Development, Grand View Health, and artist Margaret Wisehart Anderson of Perkasie stand alongside the commemorative Nurses’ Home painting.

Local artist Margaret Wiseheart Anderson of Perkasie has created a commissioned work of art celebrating the nursing students who once lived and attended classes at the former Grand View Hospital School of Nursing.

The commemorative painting depicts the Nurses’ Home, which housed students of the former School of Nursing from 1951 until its closing in 1973. The school, which opened in 1913, had 541 graduates, many of whom later served in nursing roles at the hospital.

In recent years, the Nurses’ Home became an administrative building. In October 2020, it was demolished to make way for the hospital’s 190,000-square-foot, six-story pavilion.

The painting, which offers a window into the past and a bridge to the present, will be displayed on the hospital’s main campus.

While the School of Nursing is a memory, the Grand View Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae Association continues to support and encourage nurses today.