MRI of the Future Opening Mid-June in Harleysville

June 7th, 2019

Mood lighting, calming music and sounds, soothing videos. It’s the MRI suite of the future and the experience is all under the control of the patient. Grand View Health is taking MRI imaging to a whole new level with the opening of a new MRI suite at the Harleysville Outpatient Center. Appointments are currently being scheduled for the third week of June. The new MRI is part of Grand View’s commitment to reduce patient anxiety and make the experience as stress-free as possible. MRI themes include Pacific Sunset, Waterfall Vistas, Fall Foliage and many more.

The new Siemens 1/5 Tesla scanner, called the MAGNETOM Altea, is housed within a suite designed by Sentient. It weighs about 4.2 tons and Grand View is the first and currently, the only health system locally where it is available. The imaging suite includes an Innovision in-bore infotainment system. The sights and sounds to play during the MRI are chosen by the patient and themes are designed to reduce the anxiety some patients have during an MRI. The infotainment system moves with the scanner table to assure an immersive, patient-centered experience.

Clinically speaking, the new scanner will provide more precise and faster imaging, with an extra-wide architecture for increased patient comfort. The MRI table will accommodate patients up to 600 pounds, and it will allow the Harleysville Outpatient Center to conduct a larger range of MRI studies, including cardiac and breast imaging.

To schedule an MRI at the Harleysville Outpatient Center, contact Central Scheduling at 215-453-4100.