Ceremony Recognizes “Miracle at Grand View”

June 14th, 2024

Medical Team Who Performed History Arm Reattachment Is Honored

Forty-seven years ago, Jesse Masarjian, then 19, was rushed to Grand View Health. His arm had been severed below the shoulder by a circular saw in a workplace accident. Only a small bit of skin kept the arm attached to his body. The events that followed became known as the “Miracle at Grand View” and captured local and national media attention.

Nearly forty hospital staff — led by surgeons David Rilling, MD, Dennis Moyer, MD and David Rising, MD, anesthesiologists Richard Kriebel, MD and Jennifer Lee, MD, and OR supervisor Peggy Morrow, worked seven hours straight in the OR to save Jesse’s life and reattach his arm.

It was the region’s first successful arm reattachment surgery, a remarkable achievement for a small, community hospital at a time when trauma centers were practically unheard of.

With physical therapy, determination and sheer grit, Jesse eventually regained nearly full use of his arm. He has gone on to enjoy a family, become a scuba diving instructor and enjoys playing the guitar.

Yesterday, Jesse returned to Grand View to reunite with members of his medical team. Together, as Dr. Moyer, Dr. Lee and Peggy Morrow recounted memories from that fateful day, they participated in a ceremony led by Chief of Surgery Paul Weidner, MD. The event was highlighted with the reveal of a plaque memorializing the historic event. Guests included the Moyer family and Dr. Rilling’s family. They shared fond memories of Drs. Rilling and Kriebel, who recently passed away.

The efforts of this remarkable team — and this historic moment in Grand View history — will be remembered for years to come.