Meditech Expanse Training Videos

For login access, contact the Help Desk at 215-453-HELP (4357).

NOTE: The following links are end-user training materials to provide the knowledge a provider needs to successfully perform their job responsibilities. Please review these materials in the order they appear. These training materials provide foundational knowledge so you can become familiar with the MEDITECH Expanse software as it applies to your role. Please contact your management team with any questions as these materials are not intended to cover every scenario or topic that you may encounter.

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Training Video Links

There are many to choose from once inside the program. You are encouraged to view all, but if your time is limited, be sure to view:

  • Signing into MEDITECH
  • Navigation Bar Functionality
  • Patient List Overview
  • Patient Chart Overview
  • Clinical Home Screen Overview (Ambulatory)
  • Chart Flowsheet Overview
  • Chart Medications Tab
  • Patient Problem List Management with Exclusivity
  • Basic Ordering Overview
  • Universal Discharge
  • My / Patient Widget
  • Quick Text
  • Provider Typicals
  • ED Tracker and Sign Up (ED Only)
  • ED Chart Overview (ED Only)