Why Do Patients Choose Grand View Health?


Grand View Health’s data is based on hip and knee surgeries performed during January – March 2021.

Rapid Recovery and Transition Back Home

Grand View Health’s patients leave the hospital sooner, and more go directly home vs. a rehab facility.

# of Days in the Hospital

Grand View Health*
Grand View Health* 1.05
National Average**
National Average** 1.28

% of Patients That Go Directly Home

Grand View Health*
Grand View Health* 98%
National Average**
National Average** 95%

Low Readmission Rate

Grand View Health’s rate of complications related to surgery is LOW (including infection, blood clots, severe bruising, severe headaches).
Grand View Health* 0.78%
National Average** 2.17%

Patient Experience

Our patient satisfaction scores are better when compared to other hospitals in our state.

Overall Satisfaction

Grand View Health*
Grand View Health* 93%
National Average**
National Average** 73%
Pennsylvania 73%

Definitely Recommend

Grand View Health*
Grand View Health* 86%
National Average**
National Average** 72%
Pennsylvania 70%

*Grand View Health Data is based on the surveys collected from patients at pre-and post-operative visits as well as hospital-reported data in the HOPCo database.
**National averages are based on the HOPCo surveys collected from patients at post-operative office visits, hospital-reported data in HOPCo database, and Medicare and Commercial insurance claims.

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