Make A Gift

No one is prepared emotionally for the moment when medical treatment for chronic and terminal illnesses transitions to hospice care. We are grateful to offer specialized hospice programs using your generous support, comforting programs that focus on helping families make memorable end-of-life moments with their loved ones.

  • We Honor Veterans: Some veterans wrestle with profound emotions as a result of violence and war that may have been buried for decades but resurface at the end of their life. Our Veteran patients are matched with one of five dedicated Veteran volunteers who are able to relate by sharing stories. Each veteran also receives a plaque personalized for their service as a heartfelt thank you for the sacrifices that they made for us.
  • No One Dies Alone: No one is born alone, and no one should die alone. This free service uses your support to place the reassuring presence of a volunteer or aide with patients who desire companionship when their time in this world ends. Family members are comforted in knowing that in the end, a compassionate caregiver was with their loved one.
  • Music Therapy: Music is known to decrease pain, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety, a perfect fit for hospice patients. Our Certified Music Practitioner considers each patient’s needs and plays live acoustic music for therapeutic purposes. Within minutes, patients are singing, clapping, or simply tapping a foot along with the music.
  • Hospice Memorial Fund: Many families struggle financially when a loved one passes. Gifts to the Hospice Memorial Fund allow us to respond to critical needs such as helping families of hospice patients pay heating bills in the winter, medications not covered by insurance and funeral expenses.

Donate Now to support one of these programs or another area that is meaningful to you. Gifts of $100 or more are recognized in our annual donor listing.