From Sniffles to Smiles

Little Lucy’s ‘vacation’ on the Grand View Pediatrics Unit

Ask Dana Roberts, and she’ll tell you that her 3-year-old daughter, Lucy Sanders, is precocious, hilarious, and moves full steam ahead. So, when Lucy showed signs of a cold last autumn, Dana grew concerned.

Lucy has asthma, and she began having more trouble breathing than normal. When Lucy’s oxygen saturation level fell below 90, her pediatrician recommended that she go to the Emergency Department at Grand View Health.

“Our care there was fantastic,” Dana says. “In the ER, we saw a doctor, respiratory therapists, multiple nurses and an X-ray tech.” The team of experts revealed that Lucy had pneumonia. Lucy was then sent upstairs to the Pediatric Unit at Grand View Health, where she spent two days receiving breathing treatments until she was well enough to return home.

“Lucy did not cry once the whole time,” says Dana, who lives in Doylestown. “It was like being on vacation.”

Overall, Dana walked away extremely impressed with the care Lucy received from pediatricians Andrew Chu, MD, Julia Harkness, MD, and the entire team with CHOP Pediatric Care at Grand View Health.

“The doctors on staff in the Pediatric Unit at Grand View Health are all doctors with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,” Dana says. “They’re incredibly qualified. And because Grand View is a smaller hospital, the care and kindness we received felt like being in a small town where everyone knew each other.”

Today, Lucy is thriving again. She’s recovering from having her tonsils and adenoids removed—something that was found on an X-ray during her stay at Grand View Health. And Dana has already recommended Grand View Health to other parents she knows. “I felt very heard at Grand View,” she says. “And as a parent, I really value that.”