Faster Care in the Field for Heart Attacks and Trauma

Grand View Health’s Medic 151 now has a new tool capable of delivering better outcomes for people who suffer from a heart attack, cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The new ZOLL X Series® Advanced monitor / defibrillator will help our EMS team manage patients more effectively than ever before. The device transmits patients’ EKG results to Grand View Health’s Level II Adult Trauma Center in real time, thereby improving care and patient outcomes.

The device also features:

  • Real BVM Help®, which lets providers view the amount of air moving in and out of a patient’s lungs, so EMS personnel can perform high-quality manual ventilation when needed.
  • A TBI Dashboard™ that helps EMS providers identify and treat TBIs more effectively.
  • RescueNet Live and RescueNet Case Review, which allow EMS personnel to view data at remote locations and enhance the quality of care they provide.

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