‘We Help People Get Back to Living’

April 15th, 2021

As you walk through the living room of the Acute Rehabilitation Unit at Grand View Hospital, you may need to be reminded that you’re still in the hospital. And that’s the idea.

After surviving a serious illness, injury or life-threatening event like a stroke, the 14 private rooms on the hospital’s third floor offer some of the conveniences of home, while providing a coordinated approach to physical and occupational therapy.

The care is highly personalized and goal-oriented, with a care team that also includes a dietitian, social worker, speech/language pathologist and rehabilitation nurse, among many others. There is a gym and treatment area, and while COVID-19 has limited interaction with patients and other guests, under normal circumstances interaction with other patients is welcome and encouraged.

“Our mission is to help patients make a successful transition from hospital to home,” says Amy Kolb, the unit’s director. “It’s one thing to survive a serious health event; we help people get back to living.”

Learn how the Acute Rehabilitation Unit team helped Bryan Pecherek recover from COVID-19.