Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville is the Future of Surgery

June 28th, 2018


Grand View Health announced the opening of the Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville, offering surgical patients advanced surgical technology in a comfortable, convenient location with reduced costs compared to other surgical settings.

A joint venture between Grand View Health and Grand View Health Medical Staff surgeons, the new outpatient Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville features four large operating rooms, 10 pre- and post-recovery bays, state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable and attractive waiting areas.

“I have been involved with many outpatient surgery centers,” says Jeff Sieker, DC, the Center’s Executive Director, “and none have been more appealing than the Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville. We are excited about the benefits for patients, surgeons and staff.”

The new ORs give everyone plenty of space to maneuver. Specialties that will use the Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville include podiatry, plastics, ophthalmology (especially for cataract surgery), general surgery (for example, hernia surgery), gynecology, otolaryngology (ENT) and orthopedics.

More complex surgeries will remain at the main hospital, says Mark Horne, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Grand View Health.

A major benefit is the controlled environment the Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville offers, Sieker says. “Turn-around time is faster and cases are generally shorter. Patients can be scheduled quickly and leave on time. With a strong focus on the customer experience, patients will feel comfortable in what looks like a doctor’s office in front, with a high-tech surgery center in back.”

The Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville will typically be better for patients financially as well, Horne says. Insurance companies are increasingly encouraging patients to use outpatient surgery centers to reduce their out-of-pocket costs. Outpatient settings generally have lower operating costs than other surgical settings.

“Grand View Health’s goal is to bring greater convenience for patients and keep up with increasing demand for outpatient surgery. This is a natural evolution of technology,” he adds.

The new Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville was designed by architect NELSON and managed by Cascades Construction. The Center opened in April 2018.