Grand View Health Introduces Radar Localization for Breast Cancer Surgery

January 22nd, 2019

Grand View Health is now offering new technology to make the day of breast cancer surgery easier for patients. Surgeons are using SAVI SCOUT® radar to create a zero-radiation and wire-free solution for lumpectomy.

Traditionally, for non-palpable breast masses, a patient undergoing lumpectomy had a wire inserted into the breast on the day of surgery to target tissue for removal. This approach often led to increased wait times, discomfort and anxiety for many patients.

Instead of wire, SCOUT uses a small reflector the size of a grain of rice, which is placed into the breast before the day of surgery eliminating the need for an additional procedure on the day of surgery. Then, during surgery, surgeons use the SCOUT system to detect the reflector and pinpoint the location of the affected tissue to within 1mm of accuracy. Recent studies have shown that using this technology has led to more successful surgeries and better outcomes.

“At Grand View we are dedicated to doing all that we can to make our patient’s treatment as comfortable as possible. We’re so pleased to offer our patients this cutting edge technology to help ease the anxiety and discomfort that can come with breast surgery,” said Monique Gary, DO, Medical Director of Grand View Health’s Oncology Program.

Grand View’s breast cancer program has been nationally recognized for quality. For more information on Grand View Health’s cancer services, go to: