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Whether you are looking for a primary care physician or a specialist, Grand View Health’s Find a Provider service allows you to find the right doctor for your entire family.

Use the search box on the right to find a physician, or call our physician referral service at 215-453-4300, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find a physician based on criteria most important to you, such as office location, education and training, specialty and more.


All Grand View Health Providers

Jennifer A. Butler, MDSouderton, PA215-721-6500 Grand View Health Primary Care Souderton Primary Care Family Medicine
Curt C. Carlier, MDHarleysville, PA215-256-8040 TriValley Primary Care - Lower Salford Primary Care Family Medicine
Steven E. Casey, MDSellersville, PA215-257-3700 Upper Bucks Orthopaedics at Grand View Health Orthopaedic Surgery
Paige Casperson, PA-CSellersville, PA215-453-4941 Workplace Health & Wellness at Grand View Health
Michael J. Cassidy, MDSellersville, PA267-985-5000 St. Luke's Bux-Mont Gastroenterology Gastroenterology
Giovanni Catalano, DOQuakertown, PA215-453-5620 Grand View Urgent Care, Woodlands Healing Research Center Primary Care Family Medicine, Urgent Care
Scott D. Chapin, MDDoylestown, PA267-880-0810 Chapin Aesthetics Plastic Surgery
Melissa Chiarelli, DOQuakertown, PA215-536-0655 TriValley Primary Care - Western Bucks Primary Care Family Medicine
Colleen J. Christian, MDLansdale, PA215-368-1646 Ophthalmic Associates Ophthalmology
Andrew S. Chu, MDSellersville, PA215-453-4082 CHOP Pediatric Care at Grand View Health Pediatrics Inpatient
Benjamin Chu, MDLansdale, PA215-361-5060 Central Montgomery Orthopedics Orthopaedic Surgery
Tina Chuong, DOChalfont, PA215-822-3130 Grand View Health Primary Care Chalfont Primary Care Family Medicine
Evan A. Cichelli, DPMSellersville, PA215-257-6315 Independence Foot and Ankle Podiatry
Hal D. Cohan, MDTelford, PA215-723-7833 TriValley Primary Care - Franconia Primary Care Family Medicine
Jonathan Cohen, MDSellersville, PA215-257-8450 Grand View Health Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases
Samuel R. Coleman, MDSellersville, PA215-257-9500 Grand View Health Cardiology Alderfer and Travis Cardiology
Matthew M. Collins, DOSellersville, PA215-257-1127 Buxmont Cardiology Associates Cardiology
William G. Combs, MDSellersville, PA610-402-3110 Lehigh Valley Heart Specialists, Lehigh Valley Physician Group Interventional Cardiology
Mark Conopio, MDSellersville, PA215-453-4550 Grand View Anesthesia Associates Anesthesiology
Samantha Cook, PA-CQuakertown, PA215-536-3200 Grand View Health OB/GYN