Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery at Grand View Hospital

The largest joint in the body, the knee—a hinge joint—flexes and extends. The knee joint forms from three main bones:

  • The thigh bone, or femur
  • The kneecap, or patella
  • The shin bone, or tibia

Knee replacement surgery realigns the knee joint with artificial parts. Three components form the artificial knee:

  • The thigh component, typically made of metal, covers the end of the thigh bone.
  • The shin bone component, usually made of metal and a medical-grade plastic, covers the top end of the shin.
  • The artificial knee cap component, typically made of a medical-grade plastic, resurfaces the underside of the natural knee cap.

The artificial knee is inserted through an incision that runs above the knee, down and along the inside of the knee cap to below the knee. The new components are then glued into place with a special bone cement.

Following surgery, you enjoy a spacious, private room and other conveniences. You also continue your care plan.

The typical hospital stay for knee replacement at the Joint Replacement Center is three days. If returning directly home from the hospital is not an option for you, our Joint Replacement Center Coordinator helps you make the necessary arrangements for a stay at a nursing or rehabilitation facility.


Grand View Hospital received five stars in total knee replacement in 2010 and is the only hospital in Bucks and Montgomery Counties to receive five stars in total joint replacement from HealthGrades ®, the nation’s leading health-care ratings company.