Grand View Health Now Offering New Concussion Management Technology

February 15th, 2019


If you or your child are recovering from a concussion, you’ll face a key question: When is it safe to return to sports or other activities? Grand View Health now offers new technology that helps our physical therapy providers more accurately make that decision.

The VSR (Very Simple Rehab) Sport System offers a variety of tools that assess and manage a person’s issues related to balance and concussion. The system’s inVision technology measures a person’s ability to maintain sharp and stable vision while actively moving the head. This helps Grand View physical therapists and physical therapy assistants know when someone’s vision becomes inaccurate, or how serious their balance issues may be.

The NeuroGames technology within VSR Sport helps people regain their balance using five videogames. Patients “play” by shifting their center of gravity to control the game periods. Providers adjust each game’s difficulty and range of motion to meet a person’s specific rehabilitation needs.

VSR Sport is available for patients at the Sellersville Outpatient Center. For more information, call our Physical Therapy team at 215-453-3220.