5 Quick Tips to Be Injury Free

November 18th, 2021  Topics: Safety

Did you know injuries are the leading cause of death for people ages 0-44? The good news: Most injuries can be prevented — even the most serious ones.

On National Injury Prevention Day, the experts at Grand View Health’s Level II Adult Trauma Center offer these quick tips that can help keep you and your family safe:

    1. Drivers and all passengers should buckle up every time they’re in a vehicle. Younger children should use age-appropriate car seats or booster seats.
    2. Avoid anything that takes your concentration and eyes away from driving.
    3. Make sure you are well rested prior to getting behind the wheel and avoid drowsy driving.
    4. Fall Prevention in our older adults is essential.
      • Report any falls to your primary care provider.
      • Use your walker or cane as recommended.
      • Check your footwear to ensure it is in good condition.
      • Have your hearing and vision checked annually.
      • Understand your medications.
    5. Everyone should wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.