Broad Street Run: Training Plan Must-Haves

March 3rd, 2020

The 2020 Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run is just two months away. If you’re competing, you’ve likely already started to get your body in shape for the nation’s largest, fastest and most popular 10-mile run.

As you train, include these three must-haves in your training plan, courtesy of our experts from Upper Bucks Orthopaedics at Grand View Health, who will be running right alongside of you.

Must-Have #1: Embrace the 10% rule – “Increase your distance by 10% per week as you build up to the 10-mile race,” says sports medicine physician Dale Bautista, MD, with Upper Bucks Orthopaedics at Grand View Health. It’s a good rule of thumb to ensure you don’t push your body too hard while trying to achieve your 10-mile goal.

Must-Have #2: Take a break – Build in at least one day of rest a week. This will allow your muscles to relax. “Each week, I run three days, cycle or strength train three days in between, and take one day off,” says sports medicine physician Ilana Zeises, DO, with Upper Bucks Orthopaedics at Grand View Health.

Must-Have #3: Carry your phone – Keep it with you as you train. That way, if you get hurt on the road—or experience any other emergency—you can call for help right away.

Good to Have: Find a running group – “Doing so keeps you motivated and allows you to get advice from others who have raced before,” says orthopaedic surgeon John Minnich, MD, with Upper Bucks Orthopaedics at Grand View Health.

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