January 16th, 2019

Wireless Fetal Monitoring Improves Labor Experience

If you’ve given birth inside a hospital, you’ve probably struggled with the belts and wires that connected you to a fetal monitoring system. Now, nurses on Grand View Health’s labor and delivery unit ease that struggle by using a new wireless device.

The Monica Novii™ Wireless Patch System uses Bluetooth technology to record the baby’s heartbeat, the mom’s heartbeat, and the frequency and duration of contractions. Novii is applied to a mother’s belly with a stick-on patch, with no wires or belts.

“This gives moms the ability to freely turn in bed, walk around their hospital room, use a peanut ball, and even shower while fetal monitoring continues uninterrupted,” says Michelle Gawronski, BSN, RNC-OB, clinical coordinator, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum at Grand View.