cardioCardiology Progressive Care Unit: Grand View is the first hospital in the Philadelphia region to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval in Advanced Heart Failure.

To stay progressive in the field of cardiology, Grand View looks to improve the services and comforts that we are able to provide our patients.  Private rooms are the new standard of care in hospitals, and we will augment our current cardiology unit to include more private rooms – for a total of 51, which will provide privacy and dignity to our patients, and enhance our capacity for infection prevention and control.  These rooms are larger and offer additional sleeping-in accommodations for family members.

The upgrade includes an advanced heart monitoring system which allows our doctors to access patient data remotely from any computer on the hospital network via secure, password protected PCs, or in physicians’ offices and homes.

cancer_serviceCancer Services:  As a decades-long leader in cancer care, Grand View looks to expand on our nationally accredited comprehensive cancer program.   In 1972, Grand View was the first community hospital in the country to conduct Cobalt 60 radiation therapy treatments.  Our early commitment to an innovative therapy is a guiding principle for how we approach cancer care today.  As a Regional Cancer Center, we are devoted to a comprehensive approach to cancer services and vow to remain aggressive in the face of a complex medical challenge.

On June 18, 2014, Grand View became the first hospital in Pennsylvania to offer the latest in precision radiation treatment. The Versa HD™ Linear Accelerator uses sophisticated software to target the exact location of tumors, enabling the transmission of precise, high levels of radiation to cancer cells without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.  This sophisticated technology allows many patients to complete radiation therapy after just five days, compared to 8 weeks at other hospitals.

Support from this campaign will help us to expand the use of our Linear Accelerator.

surgical suiteSurgical Suite and Operating Rooms:  As outpatient surgical procedures outpace inpatient procedures, with a steady demand for growth, Grand View is committed to making sure our facilities ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.  By upgrading, renovating and modernizing existing operating rooms, we will provide capacity suitable for current and expected future technology to better serve the needs of the community.

Currently, Grand View surgeons perform 5,200 outpatient and 2,300 inpatient surgeries annually.  As the trend toward outpatient surgery continues to accelerate, Grand View must be prepared to accommodate this increased need.

With essential renovations, our surgeons can perform innovative and delicate operations that will expedite recovery, often allowing the patient to go home the same day as the surgical procedure.


electricDisaster Preparedness:   With the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy still prominent in our minds, Grand View is taking steps to upgrade and improve our electrical back-up system to prepare for disasters.  During the course of the storm, Grand View operated for almost five days on back-up generators.  Our cafeteria became a refuge for those displaced by the storm, providing members of the community with heat, light, safety, comfort, and hot food.  People were able to stay in touch by charging their cell phones while they ate.

Grand View will add the capability to plug a mobile generator into the hospital grid to supplement our on-site generators.  Our outpatient centers will be enhanced to allow back-up power for all the critical areas housed at each location.  These improvements will ensure the welfare and safety of our patients and staff and allow us to embrace our role as a community resource.


communityCommunity Service:  Community is at the core of our mission.

Community Conference Center:

We will build on our standing in the community by razing the Community Education Center, on Grand View’s main campus, and building a dedicated structure as a community conference center to provide class rooms and meeting space.

Medic 151 Radio System Upgrade:

Grand View Medic 151 is a state certified licensed provider of routine and emergency medical transport services.  Medic 151 offers Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency services to our community including the boroughs of Perkasie, Dublin, and Sellersville, as well as, West Rockhill, East Rockhill, Hilltown, Milford, and Salford Townships.  Soon, Bucks County will move to a new radio frequency and build a new network for emergency call systems.  Grand View will be required to replace all of its first responder radios.

For more information or to donate to the Well into the Future campaign, contact:

David L. Alderfer – Director of Development Grand View Health Foundation
700 Lawn Avenue, PO Box 902
Sellersville, PA 18960
Phone: 215-513-3935 or 215-453-GIFT (4438)