VIDEO BLOG: When Weight Loss Goes Beyond Calories

May 22nd, 2020

Calories in, calories out. This simple math equation is the secret to weight loss, right? Not quite.

In this video blog, Megan Zakarewicz, DO, with Grand View Health Medical Weight Loss, explains the other factors that go into maintaining a healthy weight. They include:



  • The composition of the foods we eat
  • The way foods affect our hormone levels
  • The amount of energy required to digest foods

Get the complete story in this video:


About Dr. Zakarewicz: Megan Zakarewicz, DO, is a family medicine physician with certification in obesity medicine. She leads the Grand View Health Medical Weight Loss program. She is accepting new patients via telemedicine appointments. For more information, call the Grand View Health hotline at 215-453-4100 to schedule an appointment.