At The Birth & Family Center, we practice couplet care, a model of caring that emphasizes mother and baby being cared for together, as a pair or “couplet,” during their entire hospital stay by the same nurse. Rooming in is highly encouraged for all healthy newborns. When mother and baby room together, your baby will know you are near by smelling your scent and hearing your voice. It also helps parents to quickly learn their baby’s sleep patterns, breathing, hunger cues and feeding schedule, and allows you to be a participant in all of your baby’s care, from the newborn bath to diapering and learning different comfort measures to calm your baby.

Rooming in also facilitates skin-to-skin contact, which helps newborns regulate their body temperature and glucose levels. Studies have shown that when babies room in with their mother they bond sooner, cry less, soothe more quickly, spend more time quietly sleeping, have greater breastfeeding success, maintain a more stable body temperature, and stay healthier.

Couplet care also means that all of your baby’s routine assessments and screenings will occur right in your room, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.