Your town. Our town. Quakertown.

Meet Members of Our Quakertown Team

As long-time Quakertown residents, we’ve lived, worked and grown up alongside generations of patients. We’ve been proud to call all of them our neighbors and our friends — and nobody knows you quite like your friends. That’s how we’re able to give the level of care that’s kept us here for over a hundred years. It’s care that’s close, compassionate and above all, familiar.

Grand View Health Practices and Services in Quakertown

      • Diagnostic Testing and Imaging
        No appointment is needed for routine blood work or general X-rays. For other outpatient testing, call 215-453-4100 for an appointment. For physician practice appointments, please call each practice directly.
      • Alderfer and Travis Cardiology 215-257-9500
      • Buxmont Cardiology 215-257-1127
      • Grand View Surgical Associates. 215-453-3400
      • Family Medicine at Quakertown 215-538-0202
      • OB/GYN Associates 215-536-3200
      • Upper Bucks Orthopaedics. 215-257-3700