Grand View Patient & Visitor Policies

Alcoholic Beverages 
Alcohol, like any drug, may interfere with treatment and is therefore prohibited in the hospital.

The hospital staff is here to serve you and takes pride in caring for you and your family. We request that you refrain from offering tips or gifts to individual staff members and volunteers, as they are not permitted to accept gratuities. Please complete your patient satisfaction survey and describe your interaction with any outstanding staff members. Grand View Hospital acknowledges all staff members mentioned in patient satisfaction surveys.

Only balloons made of mylar, a foil material that holds helium, are permitted in the hospital. Balloons made of other materials, such as latex, are prohibited because many patients and staff members are allergic to latex.

Smoking and other tobacco products are prohibited in all Grand View buildings and on all Grand View property. This restriction applies to all patients, visitors, and staff

Grand View Hospital is not responsible for items left at patient bedsides and encourages patients not to keep valuable items at the hospital. If it’s not possible to send items home with family or friends, please ask your nurse to have valuables placed in the hospital safe.

Be especially careful of personal care items such as dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aids. These items can be safely stored in patient bedside cabinets. A container for dentures, eyeglasses or hearing aids will be provided upon request. Grand View Hospital is not responsible for replacing lost items.