Patient Stories



Conquering Cancer

Joan Calafati discovered a lump while performing one of her regular breast self-examinations. She had developed cysts in the past but she realized it was something different this time… read more


Enjoying a Fuller Life

Peter Fuller, a 27-year resident of Bedminster, proudly served his country in the armed forces. But he has also battled another tough enemy for years—Multiple Sclerosis… read more


A Patient’s Patience Pays Off

When Susan Branch was diagnosed with diabetes, she was unwilling to accept her doctor’s recommendation to amputate her leg below the knee and sought additional opinions… read more


A Very Special Delivery

Stacy Conner, a teacher, and her husband, Dave, were expecting their first child. As Stacy’s due date approached, complications arose… read more


Calamity Jane

“Calamity Jane” isn’t a nickname anyone would want, but that’s what Charlotte Walker calls herself after experiencing a string of health emergencies… read more


 Right Place at the Right Time

Stuart Scott was in the lobby of Grand View Hospital when he began feeling dizzy. Minutes later, the 78-year-old army veteran collapsed… read more

A Change of Heart and Habits

In 2013, Harry Crossgrove, a 35-year-old junior high school teacher from Skippack, Pa., began experiencing sudden shortness of breath while… read more