Prenatal & Family Education


Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, questions and excitement. Grand View Health offers programs to guide you through pregnancy, birth and parenting with confidence and knowledge. Early registration will allow you to fit the classes into your schedule. Registration is required for all programs unless otherwise indicated.

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Labor & Childbirth Preparation 
Expectant parents will learn relaxation techniques and breathing patterns to help you and your partner remain calm during the labor and delivery of your baby. During this four-part labor and birth series, you will learn about medications, procedures and comfort measures to use during labor and postpartum. Questions and concerns will be addressed in a small group setting. Early registration is recommended to ensure you have completed the class by your eighth month of pregnancy.

Labor & Childbirth Preparation
Saturday Session

This complete childbirth preparation course is held on a Saturday and emphasizes breathing techniques and coping strategies for labor and birth. Taught by a certified childbirth educator in a small group setting, you will learn what to expect during your childbirth experience.

Focus on Motherhood
This 8-week childbirth and newborn care series is designed to prepare pregnant teens and young adults from 12-to-24 years old, fathers-to-be and their families for the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy. Ensuring prenatal healthcare and increasing the opportunity for healthy births are the focus. Master breathing and relaxation techniques, learn what to expect during labor and delivery and gain information on infant care, health, nutrition and life skills. To register call Child, Home and Community at 215-348-9770 or visit

Newborn Care
Led by a certified childbirth educator, this class provides information about newborn assessments and procedures in the hospital and normal newborns in the first few days and weeks of life. Learn skills to calm and soothe your newborn during this interactive session. A Grand View pediatrician will present helpful information and answer your questions. We recommend taking this class during your last trimester.

Designed to help you get started with breastfeeding, mothers will learn positions to use while breastfeeding, latching the baby to the breast and the benefits it provides your newborn. Mothers and a support person are welcome.

Maternity Tours
Join us for a guided tour of our Birth & Family Center for expecting parents. Learn what to expect, information regarding Grand View’s security procedures and visiting guidelines. To register call Grand View Central Scheduling at 215-453-4100.

Car Seat Checks
A trained technician from Grand View’s paramedic team will teach you how to install the car seat base, insert and remove the seat and the appropriate fastening instructions to ensure your baby’s safety.

Sibling Class
Session 1 Ages 2-5
This one-time class will provide basic information to children 2-to-5 years old. How and where babies grow during a pregnancy, how they will be born and how things will change with the addition of a baby to the family are presented. Led by a certified teacher with a master’s in education, this class includes a tour of the Birth & Family Center.

Session 2 Ages 5-10
This session will provide your 5- to 10-year-old child with information about how babies are nourished during pregnancy, how they will be born and how the family dynamics will change with the addition of another sibling. Stories and activities will help your child explore his or her feelings about life with a sibling. A tour of the Birth & Family Center is included in this series led by a certified teacher with a master’s in education.

Breastfeeding Support Group
During this support group, led by a registered nurse and childbirth educator, you will learn about sleep patterns, feeding yourself and child, childproofing safety and much more. For parents with infants under one year of age. An optional weight check for your baby is also available.

Grandparenting Today 
Join a group of new and expectant grandparents to find out how you can help without interfering, as your child grows in the parenting role. You will learn to keep the lines of communication open between generations, safety aspects and how managing pregnancy and delivery has changed. Learn how to make the most of the time you spend with your grandchild from a registered nurse and childbirth educator. A tour of the Birth & Family Center is included in this one-session class.

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