Grand New You

grand-new-youGrand New You is a specialized weight management and healthy lifestyle program at Grand View Health.

Many people have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and think healthy eating involves strict diets and meticulous calorie counting. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are ready to begin the journey toward a healthier lifestyle, Grand New You can help.

Grand New You, available exclusively through Grand View Health, has helped many people successfully make positive, healthy changes in their lives. Many of our greatest success stories are those who were able to make a few small changes that had a significant impact on their overall health and well-being.

How does Grand New You work?

Grand New You will help you take the steps toward a healthier and more active life. Each Grand New You session lasts 10 weeks, with many people enrolling for multiple sessions. Grand New You classes are led by a Grand View Health registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Grand New You includes:

  • Weekly classes offered at convenient times
  • Meal plans designed for you by a dietitian
  • Food journaling
  • Exercise tips
  • Healthy lifestyle and stress management skills
  • Helpful handouts and recipes
  • Optional weigh-ins

“People need to know that the Grand New You is much more than a weight loss program!  I began attending the GNY program to learn about healthy life-style choices.  My goal was to learn how to manage my diabetes and high blood pressure…” read more of Barb’s sucess story

Health Benefits of Grand New You

Grand New You and Grand New You Plus Fitness are safe, effective programs that can benefit anyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle, including those with:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Gastric bypass
  • Poor circulation
  • Joint problems

Convenient Locations & Hours

Grand New You is available at the Sellersville Outpatient Center. Grand New You Plus Fitness can be added to any class.  Call us at 215-453-3262 for registration and more details. Check schedule of classes here.