Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Grand View Hospital

A complex ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder owes much of its stability to its capsule and ligaments and to the muscle surrounding it, called the rotator cuff. When the ball and socket—known as the humerus and glenoid— become injured or diseased, the smooth surfaces become rough and irregular.

Shoulder replacement, a surgical procedure, replaces the ball and socket with artificial parts, typically made of smooth metal and medical-grade

plastic. Once diseased joint surfaces have been replaced, one can expect relief from pain and an increase in range of motion.

Following surgery, you enjoy a spacious, private room and other conveniences. You also continue your care plan.

The typical hospital stay for shoulder replacement at the Joint Replacement Center is one to two days. If returning directly home from the hospital is not an option for you, our Joint Replacement Center Coordinator helps you make the necessary arrangements for a stay at a nursing or rehabilitation facility